Thursday, April 26, 2007

I've been tagged, that sucks!

OK, so Mike from (that son of a bitch) tagged me. I've been tagged to name 7 of my favorite songs and seven strange habits I might have.

Let's do the habits.

1. I'm a bigger fan of sleeping on the floor then sleeping in a bed. Is that weird? Well it gets weirder. When I sleep on the floor I prefer to be close to a wall.

2.When I'm home alone and have nothing to do I prefer to find something to do with someone. But, when I cant find anything to do or anywhere to go I tend to get some of my best ideas on paper or video. But there are days I have stayed home with the goal to get work done only to achieve nothing.

3. I have double jointed thumbs.

4. My obsession with the entertainment industry is thanks to my parents. I was raised by a VCR. What I need to do is get on one of those game shows dedicated to movie pop culture. I can tell you just about when any movie came out in the 80's/early 90's and what there box office take was. Let me just say that the summer of 1989 was a great year for the motion picture industry.

4. I have this strange obsession and hatred with death. I can't explain it. It could be the fact I've been to more funerals and wakes then anyone I know. Being sometimes atheist and sometimes agnostic I just cant help but wonder, is there a soul, where does it go, if theres no soul then what happens. Do we just cease to exist? Then there are times i contemplate getting cremated or buried. What makes more sense? there are so many graves that just sit in one spot for eternity with no one to visit them. Its a waste of space. So Cremation makes more sense. But then I think we should all be put in the dirt with out a box or anything. That way we can all become one with the earth.

5.Theres a movie out there called "The Midnight Hour". It sucks! But I need to watch it once every Halloween. It was a TV movie about zombies and vampires made for ABC and aired the night after Halloween back n 1985. When I was a kid I loved it. They actually released it on DVD for a limited time back in 2000 for $19.95. I bought it of course. If you go on amazon now you can buy it for the low price of $285 dollars. Yup, I said $285 dollars Heres the link

6.I have trouble reading fiction which is strange since all I do is write and create fantasy. I do have ADHD which makes it a lot harder to read in general But when I know a story is real, I find it easier to focus.

7.I've always wanted a real aunt or uncle and I also want to be an uncle. Its just desire I have. Also for some reason I always wanted a sister. I still want the brother I have, I just also wanted a sister.

Now I guess this is where I will wrote my 7 favorite songs/

1. Charlene by Stephen and the Colberts
2. Paris by A Faulty Chromosome
3. The Adventure Final by Angels and Airwaves
4. We Built this City by Starship....because the song is fun...Dont Judge me
5. Brian Wilson by Barenaked Ladies
6. Bad Moon Rising by Credence Clearwater Revival
7. Anything George Clinton

Now Im suppose to tag 7 people so please forgive me.
Mollye, Claire aka Little Miss Sunshine, Rissa, Spinning Girl Jillie aka NurseRachete, Bex, Trailerboy.


Zadi said...

This was great to read. I also think about getting cremated. See no sense in being buried. After the first generation dies, who will visit you? And it is a waste of space - but the odd thing is that I love cemeteries. So it would be sad if there were none.

Oh, and also,my first website was called writer's block. It's where I put all of my bad poetry. heh. :)

The Girl said...

not having any aunts or uncles is just wierd. i can't imagine (my family is so big).

and CCR :) good one!

Anonymous said...

what an ass, you actually tagged me?!? u suck! LOVE, your moose

El Buki said...

Wait a minute... 3, 4, 4, 6, and 7 are not habits.

Mike said...

Damn! Charlene is good one - why didn't I think of that :)

Anyone who says they don't love 'We Built This City' is just plain crazy...

jillie said...

Those are great! Oh and!

I'll let you know when I post mine...probably mid week. I have to get the cranium tuned up. I haven't had to think in quite a while...

m_o_o_nspells said...

Some people say they don't like these things or don't read other people's answered...not me. I love finding out about other people's weird stuff...makes me feel better about my own!
Thanks for letting me know about this place...I'll try to keep mine updated more often so you didn't get the tracker-thingy for nothing! ;o)

jillie said...

I'm posting my "tag" tomorrow. You know, I have a lot of habits...but damn if I can think of any of them now....

Trailerboy said...

Alright sir I posted my tagging tonight. Hopefully it will be the first of several new posts to come in the next couple weeks. Take a look, and keep up the good work on your end.