Sunday, February 4, 2007

Welcome to the New World of Pants

Here's the story. I want to separate the blog from the video blog. To do this I have created a new page. This is it. I would like for to be strictly video and hopefully fun. This page is where I'll get my write on. Get it? As opposed to my groove on, I get my write on? Forget it.

I thought I might talk about my weekend starting with Thursday night. On this night Mollye and I had sort of a misunderstanding/miscommunication. As I result I didn't get much sleep because I like to see her happy and I wasn't going to wake her to find a way to fix things. That would suck. So I didn't get much sleep.

Friday night everything between us was good again and since I didn't get much sleep the night before I passed out at midnight. That never happens. But my body did get up at 4am and it never went back to sleep which sucks because I had to work in retail hell at 9am and it was a Saturday. That was going to suck, and it did.

So that Saturday customers were complete assholes. More so than usual.
1. A customer called me an "Asshole".
2. I customer asked "What the fuck is wrong with you" (her was referring to the store I work for)
3. I was referred to as Euro-trash. That was weird
4. A kid kicked me to get my attention.
5. An employee decided that while I was talking to a customer she would poke he a few times to get my attention and then when I didn't respond to her because I was in mid sentence, she pulled my hair. That was awesome.
6. For some reason that day I kept having dizzy spells and I had to sneak off the floor to sit down.
7. I was emotionally and mentally messed up that day too. When I had a customer that was nice to me I would thank them a lot. I also tried my hardest to help them those leave the store happy. The way my store works is the customer is suppose to write everything down themselves. It's kind of the policy. When a customer was nice to me I would stay with them and write it down for them. Thinking back on it, was I nice or was I just afraid to leave the nice people to possibly encounter an asshole?

So this post wasn't fun at all was it. This is why I wanted this type of stuff separated from the videos. My goal on that page is to make you laugh and entertain which I hope I do. I would hate to put up a fun video then immediately follow it with something grumpy and dull. Like this post.


rhetorissa said...

The only thing that is worse than working in retail is working in retail for kids. That's only slightly worse, since retail jobs SUCK. I feel your pain. I like the new blog idea.

The Girl said...

yay! new blog :)

Brian said...

Happy to see that you have finally created a blog for just your writting... how I miss it so. I look forward to all your future posts!

chhean said...

i miss this! thank goodness your blogs are back.

Mike said...

Man... what the fuck is wrong with some people - who pulls someone's hair to get their attention? Psh.

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